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This is a all in one CRM software that can take care of your requirements of Marketing, Sales, Quotations, Invoicing & has a full featured module for all types of service providers Support, Analysis, Inventory, and more.
It also features a built RSS reader, Chat feature for all users logged in the CRM, browser for bookmarking sites, has built in Document loader and creator, ability to add comments , notes , and also a bulk SMS notifier. Administrative features built in have the ability to configure sharing access to various modules and fields, as per Roles assigned to a user (fully customizable, can provide you audit trails and login history of users. Feature to back up your data on a daily basis.
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As this software is hosted on a server can be installed and supported all over the world where-ever Internet is available.
Contact us and we will provide you a demo login and password so you can have a look at the features, please feel free to ask questions how this can help you Increase your productivity (profits), reduce expenses and manage your time so you can do more!